Nike Air Force 1 Halloween Coming Soon

  • Jordans 2019 Shoes continues the previous city series, with the theme of Tokyo Shibuya, creating three unique Shibuya-limited Air Force 1 series. One of the most eye-catching is the pair of Halloween-themed Nike Air Force 1 Halloween color schemes. The shoes are all presented in the iconic black and orange colors of Halloween. The high-saturation contrast color is very eye-catching. The forefoot upper and the side of the shoe are made of transparent rubber, which is quite a bit sultry for Halloween. The heel position is followed by the Shibuya-limited SBY (Shibuya) Logo, which outlines the silhouette of the city with an embroidered material. The other two are called Air Force 1 “Subway” color matching. The overall design is relatively regular. The shoes are mainly black and purple and white and green, and covered with leather.

    2019 Sneakers Release To help Native Americans and Aboriginal youth gain better support and training in sports, Nike launches a number of heavy color combinations every year in the name of the N7 Foundation. Among the Nike N7 series exposed this year, there is a pair of Air Jordan 8 that is very attractive. The Air Jordan 8 N7 Pendleton collar, lining and outsole are each matched with a striking contrast. The SBY Logo on the heel is also echoed by the theme, and the overall color is striking. The shoes are covered in black and gray, and the large-scale suede material makes this color look very high-end. The biggest highlight is the introduction of a nationally-embellished blanket pattern in the middle of the vamp, and a unique print that pays tribute to Native Americans.

    OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 MCA is one of the recent shoe kings. It is quite difficult to get started, and the market price is already around 20,000 yuan. This quite rare shoe has a more limited edition special edition, which is the artist's work. Recently, the recent photos of this shoe have been released on the Internet. Let's take a look! This special edition was created by artist Cassius Hirst and is based on the OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 “MCA” with an X-inspired pattern on the vamp. New red details have been added to the heel, and the laces are also available in blue, black and red lace buckles. The shoe box is also dressed in a sly pattern of perspective, which is extremely cool. The limit is only 20 pairs, each pair of uppers are hand-made, different, and the left foot insole is hand-written.