6 Tips For Leveling Alts Fast In Classic World of Warcraft

  • Being able to have multiple max level characters at the time of Vanilla's initial release appeared to be impossible. The first time around, the leveling procedure was time-consuming enough. This is especially true when compared to the current state of Retail World of Warcraft, where players have access to heirloom items and the LFG tool. In Classic, on the other hand, players made numerous breakthroughs in order to reach level 60 at a breakneck pace. Here is a list of methods that will assist you in leveling your next alt extremely quickly.

    1. Increasing the speed of the computer
    During the Classic leveling process, traveling takes up the majority of the available time. In contrast to retail, 60% mounts are only available at level 40 and 100% speed mounts are only available at level 60. Expect to be on your feet a lot. Using the Enchant Boots - Minor Speed (+8% speed), you can transform your character into an Olympic athlete. Every two minutes, consume Swiftness Potions for a 15-second burst of adrenaline that increases your speed by 50%.

    Once you reach level 40, Mithril Spurs can increase mount speed by 4%, Carrot on a Stick by 3%, and Enchant Gloves - Riding Skill can add another couple of percent on top of that. Mithril Spurs can be obtained by completing the quest Mithril Spurs. If you want to maximize your efficiency (and save money on WOW gold classic), you should download a gear set addon that allows you to quickly switch between riding and a combat set.

    2. Become a member of a leveling guild
    It is not all guilds that are interested in end-game content or high-level PvP. It's also not necessary for your main and alt to be in the same guild, just in case your main and alt are both focused on raiding. Your guildmates, on the other hand, may have alts that require leveling assistance as well.

    Being able to locate groups is one of the most effective and expedient methods of progressing through the levels more quickly. The Classic World of Warcraft community is one of the game's greatest assets, so don't be afraid to take advantage of it. This method may be old-fashioned, but it is effective and more enjoyable than power-leveling.

    3. Consumables at a low cost
    When it comes to increasing your damage output, consumables can make a greater difference than gear upgrades. With only level 20 potions, you can outfit your character with an additional 15 agility, 250 armor, 6 HP every 5 seconds, and other benefits for a small investment of silver. Even the smallest amount is beneficial, and the prices are reasonable as long as you stick to the lower level elixirs.

    While the buffs are useful, the mana and healing potions are significantly more effective in terms of efficiency. Eating and drinking can take a significant amount of time away from obtaining raw XP, just as they do when traveling. It adds up if you can regenerate in one second instead of thirty.

    4. Make a monetary contribution to power leveling
    Are you looking for leveling that is simple and hassle-free? Oh valley of plenty, toss a coin to your favorite mage and see who comes up with the best answer! Scarlet Monastery carries provide a significant amount of XP per hour by the mid-30s. The best part about power-leveling services is that you can be semi-absent from the game for long periods of time.
    Keep World of Warcraft minimized, only bringing it up every so often to exit the instance and reset the world. You will be able to devote more time to tasks outside of the game as a result of this. Purchasing Maraudon power-leveling between levels 39 and 51 is the most cost-effective option if you want to save WOW TBC gold.

    5. Acquire Enchants of Low-Level
    Depending on how quickly you level, it may appear to be a waste of time and resources to enchant gear that you will only use for a few levels. However, this is not the case. From that perspective, it appears to be something you can skip, but the mats for enchants are cheap and plentiful at this level, so it's well worth your time to complete it.
    Having your gear enchanted will also make you a more attractive candidate for dungeon parties and group quests, which are excellent opportunities to earn additional experience points. Some enchanters will be grateful to you as well for assisting them in raising their level of professional skill.

    6. Sending Gold as a Message
    Your Main has some gold; allow them to distribute it as they see fit. Your 60-level raider's pocket change is a fortune for your low-level alt, and because your main character only has two professions, they are unable to craft everything they need.
    Certain classes require more gold than others, with gear-dependent classes such as the Warrior serving as a prominent example of this. Given the fact that your Main already has certain necessities in place, such as an epic mount, you can give that lowbie a few gold and allow them to have a field day on the auction house.