What is a lap Joint Flange (alternatively referred to as a loos

  • In pipe fittings, a Lap Joint Flange (sometimes referred to as a Loose Flange) is a device made of two parts that, when combined, resemble a weld neck flange. It is butt-welded to the pipes. Without butt welding the flange to the pipes, it resembles a free slip-on flange.

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    Lap joint flanges are composed of a number of distinct components. It consists of two parts: a sleeve known as a "Stub-end," which resembles a small segment of pipe with a thin shoulder on one end and a butt weld on the other end, referred to as the hub; and a sleeve known as a "Stub-end." The other two components are referred to as the hub and the shoulder. Although the stub-narrow end's shoulder dimensions are comparable to those of a weld neck flange, the stub-butt end's weld end is smaller, and the diameter and thickness of the stub-end are determined by the pipe to which it is to be connected. The back face of the hub's face has been softened to produce a seamless transition between the hub and sleeve.

    Along with the lap joint flange, a backing flange must be considered. Despite the fact that the dimensions of the backing flange are identical to those of other typical flanges (outer diameter, interior diameter, bolt hole, etc. ), it lacks an elevated face (the stub end has the raised face ). On one side of the lap joint flange, the rear, there is a small square cut in the center of the pipe hole, or on the other side of the lap joint flange, the front side, there is a small square cut in the center of the pipe hole. This component is simple to work with due to its flat face on the front side and an outer fillet at the center hole that matches the fillet on the rear "Stub-end" piece. Before the sleeve can be welded to the pipe or fitting that will serve as a connection point, the flange section of the lap-joint flange assembly must be slipped onto the stub-end. The flange and any other component are not welded or otherwise fixed in any manner, shape, or form. It is capable of freely spinning in order to obtain accurate alignment with whatever it is connecting or merging.

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    Lap junction flanges are frequently used in low-pressure piping systems, and Flangeschin.com can manufacture the flanges to customer specifications, assisting customers in saving money and resolving application challenges.