How to find player's hot zones in NBA 2K21

  • In NBA 2K21, each player has hot and cold zones. Hot zones are court spots where a player shoots the ball strongly. Knowing the hot zones of players in advance can be helpful, as certain players can obtain a shooting boost via the Hot Zone Hunter badge (if a player has this badge) if a shot is attempted in this location. So how do you find NBA 2K21 hot zones for a player? Let's go over what to do.

    One way to check hot zones is to practice with a player. Choose Freestyle by selecting Play Now and from there. Here, you can not only play with the new buttons but also search the hot zones of a particular player in practice mode. Keep in mind that red will mean hot areas, while blue will be cold zones where a player struggles most with shooting.

    A second approach is to go directly to a bio player. Go to the Roster tab and pick your player card. Use LT/RT (Xbox) or L2/R2 to scroll to the card's hot zones portion (for PlayStation).

    You could also search MyTeam's hot zones for a player. Click on a player and scroll through the attributes of the card using the trigger buttons until you reach the Shot Charts portion.