The Best Long Hair For Black Women Trends in 2021

  • "The hair flip — where it's a bob haircut or long hair in a pony — gives it a cooler-than-school, '60s retro vibe," said Devin Toth, a New York hairstylist. "And who wouldn't like that?" says the narrator. Who doesn't want fun and human hair for black women, as Toth points out? The look is perfect for spring and will undoubtedly be seen everywhere. You can't go wrong with the "eyelash-grazing" length of bangs common in the 1960s, according to Harper's Bazaar.

    Long layers set us aside from the crowd while we were both in middle school. Only the coolest of the hip could pull off such a style, and our 12-year-old self couldn't help but notice the social order formed in our lives by layers (and chunky highlights — remember, this was the early 2000s). Fortunately for all of us who missed out on the long layer pattern all those years ago, the look is returning in 2021 with a new twist.


    Long layers that make a shaggy look are in this year, according to InStyle, not just because they look amazing, but also because the trend is ideal for those who are growing their hair out. "Ask your stylist for fashion layers," Bridget Brager, a celebrity hairstylist, advised. "You know, the kind of layers that are made out from the inside of your cut, and face-framing layers that are perfectly pieced and unapologetically sultry."