This year's Madden game isn't the same

  • There are two which are simple to master once you've mastered them what they are Madden 23 Coins, but can be difficult to comprehend if just trying in practice mode. These two are high and low passes.

    There are also a few alternatives, like trying a fake pump or tossing it away.

    We'll go over how to throw these passes on simultaneously on Xbox (Xbox One ), Xbox Series X/S) and PlayStation (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5) consoles.

    Throwing a low pass on Madden 23 just requires you to hold the LT button (for Xbox) or L2 button (for PlayStation) while throwing to your intended target. It is very useful for certain situations, and is usually used on curl routes. If you throw a low pass, the receiver's feet will hit the ground, so you are very unlikely of gaining YAC through this. So if you choose to throw an extremely low pass, you'll be in a scenario where you don't wish or require players to earn more yards. Two examples are to pick up an initial down, or to achieve on a touchdown.

    To throw a high-quality pass to a high-pass in Madden 23 requires you to hold the LB button (for Xbox) or L1 button (for PlayStation) while throwing to your intended target. It's similar to throwing an ordinary pass, only with a different button. It is beneficial to throw a high pass when your receiver has a height advantage over his defensive back. Although it's not able to completely stop the receiver as it does with a low pass however, throwing a high pass will cause the receiver to stop in the air as they must jump higher to catch the ball.

    Instructing you to hold tapping, hold, or press an option may all seem similar, but they're all different. The bullet passes require you to press the button of your goal until the pass is made Cheap Mut 23 Coins. A bullet pass can be the most straightforward of three challenges to master.