How would I get Lost Ark Twitch Drops?

  • Like many of the advanced classes like the other advanced classes Lost Ark Gold, the Arcanist has her own distinctive identity mechanic where each attack replenishes her identity gauge, also known as the gauge on deck.

    When she is filled, she will draw an additional card from the deck. It can be used right away for some additional effects, or it can be stored to use later. There can be a maximum of 2 cards that can be stored at any given moment. By pressing the Z or X key to let go of the left and right card, or both, will activate the cards and enable their buffs or effects.

    As previously mentioned as stated above, the Lost Ark Arcanist uses cards to create a range of devastating consequences on their adversaries. Some of these cards can bring benefits to the team and hinder their enemies, however the most effective results are usually determined by luck.

    One of the most rare currencies found in Lost Ark is Amethyst Shards and these shards are only given out for completing specific goals and will only be given away by Smilegate and Amazon at special occasions in the near future Lost Ark Gold for sale. This guide we will briefly discuss the Amethyst Shards including their location and the rewards you can expect from these shards within Lost Ark. Without any further ado now, let's begin.