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  • Though the game performed reasonably for critics, the majority of players were left disappointed with its online capabilities as well as a myriad of technical and bug-related issues which could sometimes lead to an extremely choppy framerate NBA2king. Many criticized the game's A.I., with opposition teams and players occasionally behaving unnaturally leading to some pretty laughable moments.

    NBA 2K18 will be the final game in the series that will be available on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. It's also the very first game in the series to incorporate the Neighbourhoods mode that lets players play with an open world design , and lets fans interact with top players. Both critics and players were dissatisfied with the game's gameplay. However, microtransactions as well as the ineffective Neighbourhoods mode were well-received. That said Visual Concepts would at least improve these features in future updates.

    NBA 2K14 is the 15th installment of the entire series. It was also the top-selling sports game of the eighth generation. There are numerous features in the game, including a training camp mode and new signature abilities. That being said, some critics have expressed their concerns about the game's layout, with a few who found the new dribble shooting mechanics take too long to get used to. Many were thrilled to see a little innovation though; something that's far too often not seen in annual sports sim franchises.

    NBA 2K15 introduces several new game modes, such as scanning technology, A MyCareer mode that's more efficient, as well as the coach satisfaction system. Doc Rivers, the Los Angeles Clippers head coach of the team will share his thoughts on the system of coaching and provide players with feedback during gameplay. All this, coupled with refined controls and customization options Buy NBA 2K22 MT, makes one of the most enjoyable games in the NBA 2K series. The game did come under fire for the various problems that resulted in online play being hindered by the game's servers.