This is a mini-game for runescape that allows you to transfer i

  • Points: After 10 rounds, you'll have the option to claim points, stop the mini-game, or claim points. You can also leave. You get more points the further you go OSRS Items. The first 10 creatures are simple, so you get around 5-10. If you decide to leave, you'll return to where you started.

    Rewards: Summoning helmet 400 points. The helmet can hold up to 150 scrolls, and also functions as an antler or skull pair. You also get a +30 Summoning bonus. Ultima Sword: 500pts. A weapon used by summoners. It deals 2x more damage to familiars and can hit through protect from summoning.

    Shard Maker 300pts. This machine is capable of producing up to 15000 Shards. It is priced at 25gp per shard. Learn how to make Spirit Shards: 500pts. A secret that is kept from the most powerful summoners. More details will be disclosed. Ring of Summoning 50pts Teleports to any Summoning Obelisk. Each charge carries 8 charges. After the eighth count, and upon death, all charges are dismissed.

    O.M.E.G.A. is 250 points. Charges special attacks, special moves, and hitpoints at a 50 percent faster rate. Just 10 charges Enchanted Pouch - 300pts You can store up to 500 charms. There are 28 teritary ingredients, which are what is needed to make the pouch Buy OSRS Accounts. You can use it for unlimited purposes, but you have to recharge it.