I think it should rain now and later in Runescape

  • Smithing Guild. What are the two most important parts of Smithing? Anvils and a furnace are two of the most crucial aspects of smithing OSRS Power Leveling. This section of the guild is well filled. I also suggest a shop which allows people to purchase or sell bars and ores that are mined or smithed, but since its an NPC-based shop, the value you earn by selling them is lower, and the purchasing price will be slightly higher than G.E. This is to prevent those who are not staying long enough and making a lot of money.

    I attempted to post this on the official forums of rs, but seeing as no-one was interested, I decided to aswell try posting it on sals. To begin, my idea is:Zombie wars. This will be a minigame for runescape , which allows you to transfer into another dimension. All is normal, with the exception of a few things that are everywhere dark, deserted, there's a mist that's floating around, all the villages are in disarray, and there are zombies everywhere.

    The forces of evil are believed to have removed guthix, Saradomin (and any gods that are not supporting zombies all over the world) from runescape. Therefore, zamorak, and other gods and gods of evil have taken control, filling the world with zombies, Skeletons and other evil creatures. In this minigame you can only attack enemies but only other players. It makes it simpler to work as a team, everywhere is multi-combat.

    There has to be a minimum of 40 players in each game. Each player is transported to either varrock or lumbridge and then on to the city. They all have to defend their town until they have conquered all zombies they'll all appear in waves, with each one getting more difficult Buy RS3 Gold. The final waves is wave 5. when they've beat waves 5 and 6, they will be transported by the spirits of deceased warriors who perished trying to defeat the zombies to falador, from where they'll meet with teams from the other cities.