Completely selling NBA 2K21 before the end of the first quarter

  • As there are a lot of things which affect the percent of making a three outside of evaluation. Badges are fucking significant for shooting, the distinction between 0 badges and 6 is amazing, as you can't essentially shoot with no badges. Then you need to consider the boost which you could buy for VC for shooting NBA 2K MT, getting a pass from HoF (or reduced ) dimer, if the guy passing you has playmaker takeover triggered you get an extra increase, hotspot promotes, shooting from the corner. Like you're shooting as if you had evaluation, that is why you visit Centers with 40 greening consistently, All that can make it.

    Of course, this is not doable by anyone, you typically need to be legend to have badges that are additional possess the boost, play with the right teammates, grind the hotspots. It takes a bit of work to have the ability to shoot a non-shooting build. Where in the post did I say"I can not shoot"? I am serious. Please inform me. Using a 73 3 pointer I could shoot quite consistently that is a problem, although I really don't have a shooting construct. 1 other dude commented there is a 70 3 pointer like Westbrook type shooting, and as we know Westbrook is not Ray Allen from three, so a centre with shooting evaluations in the 60s damn should not. I'm not sure what you mean by"realism in shooting" or even how you would specify this, but what I am asking for is some consistency which I do not think is asking a lot, especially considering 2K16 and 17 had constant shooting.

    Should you agree having the ability on hiding behind screens to create an off crime makes NBA 2K21 better I can not take your opinion seriously, bruh. And as for you phoning me salty. Idk what your win percentage is, but mine is 70, and like another dude it's just that low because I perform randoms. That means I've lost 30% of NBA 2K21s I've played. I rant about those other games, if this was a rant about losing one game, why would not. Like most of NBA 2K21 in general intimidator is HOF is inconsistent a lot of glass locks may attest, even on beneath the rim builds. I'm not saying y’all obtained ta agree with me 100% but are legitimate, and not just meant to benefit me.

    Speedy tip for anyone purchasing 2K21 this gen, more than ever it is very important to save VC as you can! It doesn't matter if you buy the special version of that gen Buy 2K21 MT, or if you purchase the regular edition this gen and are uncertain if your going to get 2K21 Save save them VC! Why? Because even in the event that you buy legend variant, you may only get 100k VC. This is not sufficient AT ALL to fully max out your player next gen.