RuneScape - I haven't played any other MMOs

  • I think that simply increasing xp will cause it to OSRS gold become boring. Therefore, there would need to be changes in the way the skills are taught, not just an increase of the amount of xp. Engage players and make them more involved. It's difficult for me to figure out how to achieve this. However, it is possible to make effigies less common and easier to access by those at lower levels. Give quests much larger XP rewards. ...and that's all.

    Since I haven't played any other MMOs, I’m not sure how this could happen. Are you able to offer any suggestions? How do you believe training could be improved? Do you think the grind is a problem in any way? When I started RuneScape, I was a complete novice. I was about 9 or 10, and this game was the most enjoyable thing I've ever played. Due to my 9-year-old brain, I was extremely foolish and had no common sense. I was also unsure of what "efficiency" or "experience per hour" were. The game was still mind-numbingly entertaining.

    When I was trying to find a name for my account the coolest idea I came up with was "Killer1" 1234. In my Sals I played, I was "KILLL" So, when I was playing, I did the most ridiculous and hilarious things. One example: I visited the Lumbridge chicken farm to ask where Lumbridge was. Create new accounts to get the 10k from Stronghold of Security.

    It took me days and hours to earn $100k. I asked people to drive me to Falador. Getting lost on the dirt path between Barbarian Village and Falador. Training with Giant Spiders within the Lumbridge Swamp. The death of Draynor's Jail Guard. Not knowing where is Port Sarim and always getting lost in trying to locate it. Getting Mind Runes by picking up the spawns in the Lumbridge castle. Find Chaos Runes in the Wilderness. What else did everyone else do during their "noob days?"

    Personally, I am against BXP weekends. These events benefit only those who are able to stockpile massive quantities of supplies to make profit. Prices increase so dramatically that buy RuneScape gold you can't save cash with the bonus.