RuneScape - A p2p player can use the dragon knife

  • Why are earth runes and RuneScape gold water (37 grams each) more expensive than mind/fire runes? I'm just curious. Some reasons; Water runes are used for blitz/barrage which is very popular in p2p. They are rare drops from monsters and not a common craft.

    Numerous monsters drop large quantities of fire runes. Mind runes are not very useful. Also bear in the fact that air runes are the runes that appear in standard spellbook spells the most often. Body runes are so inexpensive because they are near ineffective, unless you are looking for cheap levels. The Vengeance spell uses 10 earth runes at any specified period of time. This spell isn't p2p.

    I haven’t played in over a year but, from what I recall the most efficient method for players on f2p to make money is to collect big bones. This will give an average of 30k/hour. There aren't many NPCs of high level who you can kill in order to provide you with a rewarding drop. The less powerful demons can offer 10-15k per hour. So the F2P player would take about 3 hours to make 100k from combat drops.

    The P2P player has a much more diverse selection of choices. They could earn up to 100k an hour collecting dragon bones and green dragon bones. They could form teams to hunt GWD bosses, KQ and maybe even get lucky with 1m+ drops. There are a lot of ways to earn money, and also earn it by fighting in p2p.

    In the time it took the f2p player to make 100k while the p2p player would likely earn 300k. Both f2p and P2P woodcutting are quite similar. To cut magic trees, you require 75 wc. A p2p player with 70 wc may not be able to use the magic trees. A p2p player can use the dragon knife, however this only provides a slight increment in the speed of chopping compared to the rane axe. The process of cutting yews is similar to f2p. There is only one difference between p2p and F2P is the amount of buy old school rs gold people present at each cutting site for yews.