Rsgoldfast - The most important building is the location

  • The main construction. The most important building is the location where you will run through old school rs gold the rules, manners of rewards and play guide with all the thieving mini-game tutor. After he runs you through the principles you can begin to playwith. Now allow me to tell you a few of these things he'd tell you (I will put this in listing format)

    There will be four portals, each portal built to teleport different level thieves (gamers ) for example: if you are at level 50 thieving, you'd enter the second portal that's constructed for moderate level thieves. And if you were in level 90 thieving, you would enter the fourth portal site.

    These portals would look like regular house portals, except they'd be a little bigger, and they're pitch black. So you may wonder"where do these things come from?" Well, on the opposite side of the principal building, there'll be a giant torso that functions as an way for any player in the sport to deposit any item or a number of items that they want to contribute to the game. Now you might be wondering"Well how does it work?"

    For example: let's say a rich player deposited a dragon string body within this chest. After he deposits it, it will be tele ported to a random players inventory. BUT since a dragon Chain boy is an item of great value, it will be tele ported to a random layers inventory, yet this participant must be in the next to maximum level thieving area so it is more difficult to steal this thing from him.

    Now you may be thinking"well, if this player only randomly receives the dragon string body, why doesn't he just tele vent out of the game and he will have a completely free dragon series?" Well, the game is designed so it will enroll any item that buy osrs fire cape any player acquires from the chest, will be removed from his stock if he leaves the thieving area.