Fill Up 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle


    Lotion is a popular product that can be easily added to your product line. Unfortunately, the most difficult part of making emulsions is often the last step, which is packaging. Although this may not be a big problem when you are producing small batches, it can be particularly tricky when you start mass production. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for filling those nasty 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle!

    If your hands are stable, you can pour the lotion directly into your bottle in a thin consistency. In order to make the emulsion have the right consistency, please heat the emulsion slowly, and be careful not to damage the emulsion by heating too much, as it will cause the emulsion to separate. You also need to know the maximum heating temperature of the preservative and make sure to keep the heat below that temperature. Exceeding the maximum temperature will deactivate the preservative and allow bacteria to grow.

    When your lotion is heated to the proper consistency, start filling the bottle. Many artisans prefer to pour wine by hand or use a funnel at the mouth of the bottle. According to our experience, when the emulsion starts to thicken, the funnel may become clogged. We prefer to use Mix & Pour Funnel Pitchers for freehand pouring-the long nose on the pitcher helps to maintain a controlled water flow during filling.

    Pastry or cello bag
    Another option is to use disposable pastry bags or conical bags, such as premium crystal cello bags (12" x 6" cone). Just fill the bag with lotion, twist the end so that you can hold it comfortably in your hand, and then cut off the tip. After trimming the tip, the lotion will start to pour out quickly, so be sure to prepare an empty bottle! This is a very quick way to fill the bottle, but when the bag needs to be refilled and cleaned up, it can get a little messy.

    Gallon water pump
    Our third and favorite way to fill lotion bottles is to use a gallon jug pump. A pre-made emulsion base has been sold in gallon tanks; after adding fragrance and color, you only need to add a pump top! This method can also be used when making emulsions from scratch. After you make a batch of lotion, don't try to pour it into a smaller bottle, but fill the finished product in a gallon or half gallon jug. Connect the top of the pump to the jar, and then pump the finished lotion into each bottle.

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