Optional Beverage Bottle


    Transparent PET plastic: The transparent PET plasticBeverage Bottle is made of polyester resin, which is very suitable for juice and other special beverages.
    Natural HDPE plastic: The sturdy, easily recyclable HDPE plastic is opaque and familiar when used in milk jugs and other beverage containers.
    PET plastic: PET plastic can also be colored with amber, making it a popular choice for beer bottles.
    Wine bottle: Our wine bottle is transparent or colored, and its shape and size can adapt to different kinds of wine from red to white and more.
    Beer bottles: From standard 12-ounce long necks to treated jugs and growers, our beer bottles are made of clear or tinted glass.
    Bottles: For wine, we offer a variety of shapes and sizes, from single wine bottles to gallon clear glass jugs.
    Boston round bottles: Boston round bottles are very popular in certain specialty beverages and craft beer. There are a variety of sizes and clear or colored glass to choose from.
    Juice bottles: Transparent juice bottles come in various shapes and sizes.
    French square bottle: The French square bottle has a variety of sizes and a classic appearance, which is very suitable for kombucha, juice and other cold drinks.
    Benefits of using glass beverage bottles
    Wholesale beverage bottles
    The quality of our glass bottles is evident in their weight-they are sturdy and durable, which means less chance of damage to the product.

    Extend shelf life
    Since glass is impermeable and has extremely low reactivity, it can greatly extend the shelf life of the product.

    Light protection
    Stained glass easily absorbs ultraviolet rays and can protect light-sensitive products, such as many wines.

    Glass bottles are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors to meet various needs. The opening can be wide or narrow, and the bottle can also have a handle and various labels.

    Environmentally friendly
    Glass is easy to reuse and recycle, and it is a sustainable bottle choice that can enhance consumer perception.

    Consistency and accuracy
    Glass bottles can be produced quickly with excellent consistency and accuracy, which means less overall waste and lower costs.

    Benefits of using plastic beverage bottles
    PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable, and with the update of manufacturing technology, the design of plastic bottles is lighter, thereby reducing the amount of plastic used to make them.

    Chemical resistance
    PET plastic bottles will not react with water or food, making them an excellent choice for packaged consumer products. They also have a strong barrier to the external environment, which can prevent oxygen from entering and destroying the product.

    Flexible design
    PET plastic can be molded into different shapes and sizes at low cost, making it easier for companies to have unique packaging designs that stand out on the shelf.

    Plastic bottles are drop-proof and durable. They do not require much protection during transportation, so this is a cost-effective option for manufacturers who want to save more on packaging costs.

    Bottle caps and lids
    Bottle caps can increase the style and functions required by the product, including:

    Tamper-evident cover
    Screw top cover
    Beer crown
    Bar countertop