Usefulness Of PET Candy Bottles


    Bottled confectionery supplies:
    PET Candy Bottles(with screw cap),don’t need to be too big, as big as the 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle.
    • Wine bottle labels in Valentine's Day colors
    • Your favorite sweetheart candy (small enough to fit into the mouth of a bottle).
    •Bottle rack for easy transportation (optional)
    On Valentine's Day, many couples like to give each other candies. Although the glass bottles look more beautiful, PET Candy Bottles are more practical to carry around. So how do you pack candies into PET Candy Bottles?
    Step 1: Soak in the store and buy the label from the bottle. Wash with soap and water and let it dry completely.

    Step 2: Once the bottles are dry, fill them with candy. You can make your own funnel out of paper, or you can put it in by hand. After filling, screw the cap back onto each bottle.

    Step 3: Decorate your label with personalized bottle labels in pink and red. I chose the "Moroccan" label style in four colors (coral, pink, light pink and peach).