PET Candy Bottles Is Better Than Bag In Home

  • In the past, our candies were generally in bulk or paper-packaged. In recent years, candy packaging bottles have also been continuously upgraded. At present, plastic bags, glass bottles and plastic bottles are mainly used in the market. So, which one is better to pack candy containers? Well, let's make a simple comparison!

    First of all, the packaging cost of plastic bags for candy containers is cheap, low price, durable, and easy to transport. This is the advantage and advantage of plastic bags. This also makes plastic bags of candy have a higher penetration rate in the market. We usually do Can often be seen. Secondly, the glass candy bottle has a high-end appearance and a wide mouth format that is very easy to use. However, the glass candy bottle is relatively heavy, and the transportation logistics is easy to be damaged. This is also the current problem of the glass candy bottle. Thirdly, the latest market survey shows that PET Candy Bottles have many styles, low cost, light weight, and many choices in appearance. They are mainly easy to transport and not afraid of squeezing, so they are very popular and recognized by candy manufacturers!

    For ordinary consumers, if it is home furnishings, it is recommended to use glass candy bottle packaging, which looks more atmospheric and calm. If manufacturers compare product packaging requirements and cost requirements, PE plastic candy packaging bottles are the most popular, with many shapes and options. For consumers, it is convenient to carry and use and more durable when going out. This is the priority and wide range of plastic candy packaging bottles in the market over the years!

    250ml is bigger to candy bottle, but it is tight of 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle.