Three Main Concerns Of 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle

  • Lotion bottle, as an important category of cosmetic packaging bottle, its packaging style has always been concerned by the market. 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle is one type. Emulsion cosmetics occupies a certain share in the cosmetics market, therefore, the market usage of cosmetic lotion packaging bottles is also relatively large. With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, the market demand for lotion bottles is also rising. Today we will analyze the three main concerns of lotion bottles.


    1.Packaging form: At present, there are pressure pump type lotion bottles, wide-mouth lotion bottles, hose-type lotion bottles and other lotion packaging methods. The materials are plastic and glass, but the use of lotion plastic bottles is higher in the market. This type of lotion bottle is mainly equipped with a lotion pump and an inner plug, which has good sealing and can ensure safety and sanitation. Because the emulsion pump is obtained by pressing, it can effectively control the amount of emulsion extrusion without causing waste of resources. It is well received by the market and has a high penetration rate. It is very convenient for consumers to use.


    2.Material of lotion bottle: The water content of cosmetic lotion is about 10%~80%, and it has certain fluidity. Therefore, the popularity of push-type plastic lotion bottles is the highest. The plastic lotion bottles are mostly made of PET. The PET lotion bottle can be solid or transparent, with a light transmittance of 90%, and has good heat aging resistance, weather resistance, and stability. Therefore, PET has become the material of choice for lotion bottle manufacturers.


    3.Capacity: Its emulsion consumers are mainly female groups, and the exquisite appearance and personalized customization are both very important indicators. In addition, the convenience of carrying is also very important, because small bottles are needed for easy carrying when going out, so the current lotion bottle capacity is generally around 60ml~120ml. The purpose is to adapt to the way consumers use it and meet the needs of consumers.


    The future market of lotion bottles is still expanding. There is still much room for improvement in personalization and design innovation.


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