Large Demand For Use Of Small Plastic Juice Bottles

  • The proportion of Small Plastic Juice Bottles in the market is getting higher and higher, and its future development will be bright. According to statistics from relevant departments, the global packaging industry has a very large demand for plastic bottles. This state will continue to exist in the future packaging industry, and the development of small plastic juice bottles will reach an unprecedented state.

    Since plastic bottles are stronger than glass bottles, plastic bottles can be replaced in various packaging products according to different packaging forms. In particular, some companies have higher requirements for plastic bottles. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, the product must also highlight the characteristics of its corporate culture. Plastic bottles can not only store food but may also develop into containers for storing different substances in the future. Nowadays, the requirements for the performance of plastic bottles are getting higher and higher, and there are strict requirements for this small plastic juice bottle. Its hygiene should meet national standards, otherwise, it will pose a threat to our health. If such plastic bottles are to enter the market of another country, they must also comply with the regulations of other countries. Therefore, most manufacturers spend most of their time and energy on the packaging of plastic bottles.

    In the packaging of small plastic juice bottles, special attention should be paid to the formulation of additives and the choice of main raw materials for plastic bottles. Must choose non-toxic and tasteless raw materials. Some special-purpose foods must use special packaging. For example, some foods that are resistant to light can be packaged in brown PET bottles, which have a certain blocking effect on sunlight.

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