Pump Controller Can Protect Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

  • The most important purpose of the controller is to protect the pump. Stainless Steel Submersible Pump is a huge investment. Preventing damage and extending service life will bring many benefits.

    If the water supply is interrupted (the filter is clogged, the water supply tank is dry, the inlet valve is damaged, etc.) without a controller, the pump will continue to run. If the operation time is not long enough, the pump will have a catastrophic accident, the parts will be damaged, and even all losses may be caused.

    When you monitor the pressure in the system, you may notice that the controller cycles the pump on and off. This can happen when the pressure in the system is greater than the pressure required by the application. When the controller detects that the pressure is too high, it will shut down the pump. When the pressure returns to a safe range, it will turn on the pump.

    The switch is difficult to use on the pump and will shorten the life of the pump. By monitoring the controller, you can see the occurrence of this problem. Special pressure tanks and circulation shut-off valves can be added to the pump ecosystem to stabilize the pressure and reduce the burden on the pump.


    With appropriate pressure and flow sensors, the controller can recognize extreme changes in pressure or flow and shut down the pump, thereby avoiding potential damage.

    If the flow rate drops suddenly, it may indicate a blockage in the system. If pumping continues, as the pressure increases, other parts of the system may be in danger. The controller detects changes in flow and pressure through sensors and shuts down the system before further damage.

    When properly configured, the pump controller can also identify conditions that indicate valve leakage or damage. If the flow rate increases too much, it indicates a decrease in resistance; otherwise, it indicates a decrease in resistance. This may be caused by damaged nozzles, stuck valves or system leaks. Excessive water leakage can lead to wasted water (higher cost) and damage the water in the irrigation area.

    If there is an easy direction to set up the Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump controller, that would be great. However, the appropriate controller, replay and sensor depend on your application and the pump used.