Head back to Falador and talk with Sir Amik

  • The concept of this game is to find the bodies of OSRS gold those men,that are safeguarded by Inferno Skeletons, in an attempt to finish the Bartenders petition.Head over to the Goblin Village and head to the general's building. A cutscene occurs and you find that the generals talking about the way they combined forces with Lucien and the zombies. Your personality immediately steps in and threatens all of the generals. After a small arguement with the generals, among these strikes you.

    Kill him as he is only level 43. Then, quickly run out of the village and head back into Falador as the other goblins will begin to strike you. Speak to Sir Amik and inform him that the goblins are now a part of the issue. Nulodion walks to the room while the dialog is occuring and said that the Dwarf Overseer has now seen the goblins and the zombies drawing in, and they're ready for the attack. He also states the multi-cannons are set, with cannonballs in them. Sir Amik would like you to go to the battle and direct the attack. You will see after you've killed all you've needed that they retreated.

    Head back to Falador and talk with Sir Amik, he will be relieved that the defence triumphed. Go back to Varrock and into the castle, in which you'll notice King Roald is overlooking. There'll be a note on the dining table, stating that he's been captured! He's now a prisoner of war and cheap RuneScape Mobile gold he is being chased by Lucien and Zamouregal for information. It says he is being held at the Godwars Dungeon!