Try giving yourself an actual challenge with my own league

  • You do realize clothes items do nothing to NBA 2K MT boost your sponsorships? All you get is free sneakers from whatever company you signed up with. having ps+ makes NBA 2K21 So. Much. More. Interesting. Parkand the cages, today, my group rec, ante up, my league online, play. All of these are much better than grinding mycareer. You spent your VC on items that were useless then whine about the way that it takes too much time to upgrade characters? Bruh that bc you grinded was sufficient to get at least four players to 95. Playing one season provides you enough to get to 90. Playing with rec along with styles gives enough for to 95+.

    Try giving yourself an actual challenge with my own league. Make a contender, not a superteam. Perform online. Rebuild a struggling team. In conclusion, no I don't encourage the microtransactions and total greediness of 2K, but your complaints are wrong. You gained enough vc for them to 95, however didn't get them up because you spent it all. You didn't even try to Buy 2K MT access half NBA 2K21, the enjoyable half and are stating NBA 2K21 is boring. You claiming it rated and must be simple that has become the dumbest argument I've ever heard. E is content rating there is a game. A game shouldn't be simple. NBA 2K21 requires at least a little skill, it just seems like you don't want do the job.