I really don't see any problem with memorials

  • (Edit: it's fine to Animal Crossing Bells downvote this if you're an avid TTer and do not want to mark spoilers or something. Just trying to offer another viewpoint in this thread that's asking for comments )

    The things which make my Reddit feed and top the list on sexy following the sticky are varied on subject so I would not say there's an issue with shared occurrences that community upvoting and downvoting does not already solve.

    I usually think spoiler tags are somewhat absurd, but you'd want to go further than just time travel in the event that you really wanted to prevent spoiling things people have not seen yet. All out of current season content will require a tag weather it's an old image from the image library or even a new image from time traveling both will show new gamers thing they haven't already seen. Plus things like the latest direct video clips would need tagging since it reveals new content before anybody gets a chance to see it in-game.

    I really don't see any problem with memorials. I think remembering your loved ones is beautiful and shouldn't be judged just as something dark or Cheap Nook Miles Ticket frightening.