Tyler has spent over 1 000 hours gambling Rocket League

  • Tyler has spent over 1,000 hours gambling Rocket League, and slightly fewer nitpicking the PC Gamer style guide. His primary information beat is Rocket League Credits game shops: Steam, Epic, and some thing launcher squeezes into our taskbars subsequent.

    Starting soon, Grand Champion will not be the highest aggressive rank in Rocket League. When the loose-to-play update hits, Grand Champ might be cut up into three ranges like the other ranks, and a brand new pinnacle rank can be added: Supersonic Legend.

    In retrospect, I must've recognised this turned into coming, due to the fact when I bragged about hitting champ in April, Psyonix co-studio head Corey Davis spoke back on Twitter: "Time to lolga.com  add greater ranks." I did not recognise he become in reality going to do it, the satan.