Rocket League on Xbox Series X best calls for a minor patch

  • According to Psyonix, permitting the one hundred twenty fps alternative for Rocket League on Xbox Series X best calls for a "minor patch." However, enabling it on PS5 is a much extra complex count number. Psyonix describes the problem as a hassle with "how backwards compatibility is implemented on the console." Due to the additional paintings that could be required on the platform to Rocket League Credits allow a 120 fps mode, Psyonix wasn't capable of upload the characteristic. It really had other priorities.

    The reasoning for the PS5's backward compatibility being proscribing is likely complicated, even though it does make a few experience at a widespread level. Xbox has prioritized backward compatibility over the past era a whole lot more extensively than PlayStation. The Xbox Series X's structure is likewise a great deal greater just like the Xbox One's than the PS5's is to the PS4. These selections very probably make modifications like this easier for developers.

    Obviously, as outstanding as it'd be for all video games to have a 120hz mode, it's not a necessity. Most console gamers don't even have a tv that can guide 120hz. Rocket League being an esport makes the opportunity for a hundred and twenty fps specially appealing, however it's unlikely to be a hassle for lots, if any other games.