How Madden NFL 22 improved the franchise model of NFL 21

  • "Faces of Franchise" is the latest game mode in the Madden NFL 22 series. There are several ways to improve.

    Assuming that Madden NFL 22 is coming, the game is almost one of the newest modes in the "Faces of Franchise" series. It first appeared in "Madden NFL 20", and its follow-up works are also included in "Madden NFL 21". The type of modification Electronic Arts made to this year's model, its continued existence may be a good thing or a bad thing. Of course, certain aspects can be improved to help the "franchise operators" fulfill the promises they made when they first appeared.

    Madden NFL 22 may need to be improved in many ways, but "Franchise Face" is an independent game. If electronic artists don't do this this time, it will soon become the player's idea. The debut of the Madden NFL 20 franchise was not very impressive. In the first iteration of the subsequent model, there was no meaningful expansion except for Madden 21 Coins. However, if the developer makes some improvements, the model may be brand new.

    One of the craziest additions to Madden NFL 21 in "Franchise Face" is the ability to pick a real college team and then participate in the college playoffs. Although EA Sports College Football may not be released soon, this does not mean that Electronic Arts cannot take advantage of the licensing agreement that has been made. Not only should players have more universities to choose from, but they should be able to play more games. This does not mean that this model should or may be in progress throughout the season, but it will be a good improvement, allowing you to truly feel that the owner is just living in college.

    Joining all aspects of EA Sports Academy football, you can feel that the players are really experiencing a young career, which will help. However, when the protagonist is not playing the game, he needs to Buy Madden 21 Coins. This story also needs to start from the beginning. There is a reason to focus on college and high school years. That is the setting of the stage, the focus cannot simply depend on the situation when the hero becomes a professional player.