What you need to know about SWTOR 6.0 Engineering Sniper PvE

  • Given the combat limit, how can I cause as much damage as possible to each GCD (global cooldown, 1.5 seconds to activate another skill)? Which function can I use now to provide me with the most DPS? How can I maximize my uptime? If I don’t activate a feature now, why not? Can I complete this cast before I move out? What if I don’t have time to complete the cast before moving? Can the therapist handle it without too much pressure? In fact, SWTOR Credits can give you the answers to these questions.

    DoT is not a special function, it will cause damage when you cannot target the boss with a new attack. Throwing a DoT immediately before you can't attack the leader will not cause the increase in DPS to exceed the ability that immediately causes the same amount of damage, because you are still spending GCD to throw the DoT. I think it’s most helpful to conceptualize DoT versus direct damage capabilities (regular non-DoT/non-periodic capabilities) by imagining it as all damage hits caused at the end of the duration, rather than evenly spreading or at least Evenly distributed until then, you will get the amount of damage listed on the packaging.

    Before that, the damage you get from each GCD is much less, equal to the damage per tick multiplied by the number of remaining ticks. This is why editing DoT (reapplied before expiration) is usually considered a bad thing. When tailoring the DoT, you will retrospectively apply the last GCD of the DoT to cause less damage.

    I am not going to discuss which specific version of the enhancements to use. Using small data changes like R-3 and R-4 is not worth the hassle, and an extra random crit, lag spike or midway sneeze will completely obscure any difference in DPS you can observe from it. Extra power points .

    Usually, if not followed by the R and AR modules, then the unlabeled things will be very close to the best. If you want to fully become a BiS, you can start buy Star Wars the Old Republic Credits at IGGM, so as not to waste a bit when the threshold is exceeded, although if you are me, I won't waste too much time.