Path of Exile is upset by harvesting handicrafts

  • A recent elf on the path of exile nearly destroyed Harvest Crafting, turning what was once feasible into what fans call expensive gambles.

    A nerd who recently appeared in "Path of Exile" almost canceled a production system that is widely loved by fans, namely "harvest production." With the introduction of the Harvest Alliance last year, players can collect seed seeds, plant them, and kill monsters derived from the seeds to make items. The most beloved feature of the Path of Exile Harvest League is that it helps deterministic production.

    Players who want to search for specific modifiers can do this. The end result is that the Harvest League provides players with a relatively cheap and low-cost way to make high-end items. With the recent nerd in "Path of Exile," everything has been reversed.

    In order to reintroduce the randomness of the game, Grinding Gear Games, the studio behind Path of Exile, decided to eliminate the deterministic craft through Harvest Crafting. Understandably, gamers who rely heavily on this system will feel frustrated. To make matters worse, many players spend a lot of time planting spheres, which are used in the production process and also contribute to the in-game trading of The Way of Exile. Now, with the exhaustion of Harvest Crafting, players who used to accumulate POE Currency as currency are forced to consume a lot of money just to have the opportunity to buy available items.

    In order to protect the elves, Grinding Gear Games admitted that Harvest Crafting gave players too much power, allowing them to skip the randomization in the path of exile. Since most other methods of obtaining items are through Buy POE Currency, it is necessary to carry out Harvest Crafting. The rest of the game Unfortunately, fans believe that this nerf will hurt new players and will only benefit from top players who have accumulated enough orbs.