SWTOR 6.2.1a improves the user interface of the amplifier, bala

  • BioWare will stop regular maintenance of the server on March 16 to apply the quick bug fix patch marked 6.2.1a to SWTOR. The patch resolved some major issues with the amplifier system, introduced additional balance for some uprisings, and fixed many bugs and malfunctions as usual.

    The SWTOR server will be maintained for 3 hours on March 16, 2021 (Tuesday). BioWare will use SWTOR Credits to apply small patches with many quick fixes. This is one of the most annoying things I personally encountered on 6.2.1. It is a static Amplifiers window, which is permanently fixed and is always open on the right side of the character panel.

    After patch 6.2.1a, you will be able to close the side panel, which will allow gamers to save valuable space on smaller screen resolutions. When entering and exiting any fixtures, the new patch amplifier list will be automatically updated correctly.

    Update 6.2.1 brought the riots back to the group content map by increasing the rewards for swtor credits and completing these examples. This is a much-needed change, because the riots' uprising 5.0 and the initial version 5.1 hardly left them. Do collect dust or all dust, because they are the easiest and fastest way to get specific results and achieve specific goals.

    Jumping after closing the "Recalibration" window will no longer open the "Recalibration" window again. Corrected some alignment issues in the "Recalibration" window. When the amplifier is selected and the "Recalibration" window is opened, the WIP message is no longer displayed. Fixed the layout and increased the font size of the "Submit and Discard Changes" button in the "Clothing Designer" window. When we randomly investigated players dying in the environment, the Orbital Station Arena has been temporarily removed from the PvP Arena spin. "Jedi Guardian" and "Jedi Sentinel" now have the correct tooltips and icons in the "Group Finder" pop-up window. The "Dungeon Gladiatorial Weapon Password Box" now correctly contains "Dungeon Gladiatorial Blaster Pistol" instead of "Dungeon Rampage" Shock wave". Visit IGGM and choose to Buy SWTOR Credits to get more benefits.