"Crazy River" Collection: "DraftKings Fantasy Football" DFS hot

  • On Monday night starting from Monday, perform some Monday night actions on DraftKings Dream Stream as part of the planned six other "Madden" games to start the work week. The last three games of the Monday schedule form the three-game classic slate game, which will be played at 6:00 pm. Eastern time, the Tennessee Giants received the Cincinnati Bengals. At 8:00pm prime time US Eastern Time, the Jacksonville Jaguars were fighting the Atlanta Falcons, and we ended the night with the Buffalo Bills going to the West that night, on "McDonald's after the night" Face off with the San Francisco 49ers.

    Allen is the only QB on this list, with an average of more than 20 DKFP per SIM card. Due to its regular rush to buy, its maximum limit is very high. He ran more than 80 meters for three consecutive Sims and led Buffalo to defeat the Falcons, Steelers and Titans with 22.1, 30.28 and 27.38 DKFP respectively. Since EA Sports added the superstar feature to its profile in the December update, he has scored multiple goals in five consecutive games, and his situation has greatly improved. In these simulation games, he sprinted and passed in his first duel with the 49ers, winning 18.58 DKFP in a 21-13 Buffalo victory. In conventional emergency production, its maximum limit and all QB risks are at the lowest level.

    Although Minshew's performance in simulation games is not as reliable as Allen, he did set a high ceiling for this game against Atlanta. Minshew Mania scored 31.82 DKFP in the recent game with the Falcons and 16.18 DKFP in the team's first Madden 21 meeting. In the most recent simulation game with the Jets, he had 3 touchdowns and more than 25 DKFP, but in the last two games, he has won less than 15 DKFP opportunities. He must be ups and downs, but he did well in the game and has more potential than other cheap QBs on this bench.Plenty of Madden 21 Coins are your best weapon.

    Although QB talents have a little understanding of this sector, RB has several elite options. Henry (Henry) has the highest salary and is the only RB in the game, generating 20 DKFP per game. He scored 49 touchdowns in 52 simulation games, averaging 88.4 rushing yards and 26.1 receiving yards per game. In the past six games, he averaged 3.7 catches per game and helped improve his value in regular PPR production. Henry has almost never gone bankrupt and is on par with the Bengals' running defense, who has given up some of the biggest RB performances we have seen in Madden 21. This will be King Henry's first attempt to rule Cincinnati in these Sims, and he is a great place to perform monsters. Buy MUT Coins to increase your value and you will get more fun.