Path of Exile: The most influential atlas echo function in the

  • "Path of Exile" (also known as PoE) is an action role-playing game created by junior developer Grinding Gear Games. The game is inspired by the first two "Diablo" games. Excellent gameplay, great possibility to create characters, dark atmosphere and extraordinary economic system based on the exchange of POE Currency, and free play, which is not common in this type of game.

    With constant expansion, patches, DLC and even community competitions, Grinding Gear Games has also done a good job in keeping video games updated. These competitions implement new features in PoE and keep players active.

    In other words, the latest expansion of POE was released last month: the long-awaited Atlas Echo, which provides a new ending for the Atlas Conqueror story arc, and includes many new features, which will definitely serve players Bring a new experience. This ARPG. Therefore, the following are the new features that are implemented in the echo of the gallery and have the greatest impact on the gameplay of Path of Exile.

    One of the most interesting features introduced by this expansion is undoubtedly the Etiquette Alliance. This new challenge alliance has implemented an altar ceremony in every area of ??the game, which can be activated to enter the ritual circle, and players will continue to fight with huge enemies until the end of the ceremony. When the enemy is defeated, the tribute will be obtained. After the battle is over, the tribute can be used for various items and rewards in the altar ceremony. The more rituals you complete, the better the reward and the stronger the enemy will become.

    These rituals greatly increase the game time and increase the chances of obtaining exclusive items. However, the altar ceremony is very difficult, so you must Buy POE Currency to survive to the end.

    The Ritual Alliance also introduced curious sacred bushes on the map. These bushes are pre-created bushes where you can start gardening to expand the harvesting mechanism.