Who cares about "Star Wars KOTOR 3"? I'm playing "The Old Repub

  • According to reports, "Old Republic 3" and "Star Wars Knight" are about to come out. In addition to the series creator BioWare, other teams are also developing KOTOR 3. Please check all these times, but for those who are disappointed and apparently lacking participation, can I introduce "Star Wars: The Old Republic"?

    But, as Disney said when buying Lucasfilm and trying to pretend that there is no prequel, this is enough to show the political significance of "Star Wars." Planets, space wars, "Pew Pew" laser gun and "bvvvvvr" laser sword? Since its establishment in 2011, the "Old Republic" has invested a lot of money in building the world or providing fan services. The impressive sense of scale makes you feel part of the wider world that only SWTOR Credits can reach.

    After arriving at Hutta’s starting planet, soon you can set off for the Imperial fleet. The fleet is a central hub where players interact, zoom in on mounts (my secret agent is naturally sitting on the giant Rancor), fly to various planets through many hangars, and buy and sell their goods. Remember how the Cantina scene in "New Hope" perfectly introduced how wide and varied the "Star Wars" galaxy might be? The Empire Fleet (or Republican Fleet, if you are fighting for good people) is equivalent to an MMO, which allows you to understand the possibilities in front of you more widely.

    As a representative of the low-level empire that entered the fleet for the first time, it drowned everything in the best way. I am surrounded by top players who have powerful equipment and years of work experience. A few hours after completing missions on different planets, when I returned to the vehicle for a purpose, I felt like the true level of MMO. I have a luxury cruise ship with my own robot butler, skill upgrades and team flashpoint missions.

    Now, please don’t get me wrong. If the report is true, I’m excited about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3. However, I think that many fans of previous KOTOR games will opt out of the "Old Games" Republic because it is an MMO and should be corrected immediately. For single players, SWTOR is still an excellent "Star Wars" game, its huge multiplayer game world makes people feel that they are in the galaxy, feel very far away, rather than far away from it. https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits has many ways to make you play your best in the game.