Realm Royale The Eternal Conflict update brings balance changes

  • Realm Royale developer Hi-Rez showed off a lot of what’s on the horizon in today’s OB20 update preview stream. The next Battle Pass will have a Heaven-vs-Hell theme. As always, it will feature a lot of cool new cosmetics, including the demonic chicken.

    Alongside The Next Frontier is also Realm’s OB17 update, which features a new weapon and many balance tweaks.The Gatekeeper is the battle royale’s newest heavy weapon. It functions as a minigun, even though from most angles it looks a lot like the cannon used by Paladins front-liner Ash. The weapon’s name was decided by a community competition and is most likely a reference to the toxic practice of gatekeeping in gaming. When starting to play Realm Royale game, Realm Royale Crowns is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in Realm Royale game.

    The gun takes a moment to spin into action, and then dishes out a preposterous amount of damage. It’s currently the highest DPS weapon in the game. It makes up for it with dangerously slow handling: one second to spin up, five seconds to reload.All four of the game’s classes have received some balance changes, as well as many of Realm Royale’s weapons. Warriors are unsurprisingly mostly getting nerfs, with Throwing Axe damage being reduced by 8 percent. The Edgemaster talent movement speed bonus is also lowered, down from 25 to 10 percent.

    Whilst a new weapon is always exciting and The New Frontier Battle Pass content will keep players active for some time, they aren’t the only new additions to Realm Royale and the following list also showcases all of the notable gameplay changes you can expect to find next to you jump in.