Coins and vouchers are currencies in Arena of Valor

  • Coins and vouchers are two of the currencies in Arena of Valor, but there are also gems. These are gained through chests and daily rewards and can be used to purchases Arcana. The Arcana Pool is one way I'm able to personalize my characters. As I level up, I unlock Arcana slots, which I can fill with buffs to strengthen my attacks, defense, and energy. There is yet another level of customization available called the Armory. I mention above that during play it's on me to purchase armor and accessories. When I use the auto-buy feature, (which I suggest everybody does until they get the hang of it), I can dictate in advance which purchases my character makes by setting up their individualized armory upgrade tree.

    Arena of Valor looks like a MOBA, and it definitely plays like one too. Two teams fight against each other to destroy the opponents’ base. Waves of creep fodder units endlessly smash into the battlefield. As they do, players try to swing the tide in their favor using the specific abilities of their hero unit, from the natural range of their weapon to more powerful abilities governed by cooldowns. You can also increase your strength by buying new items and upgrading your abilities as the match progresses.

    There are 39 Heroes to choose from, which just shows you how long this game has been around on mobile and just how much support it’s had since launch. Split into your usual distinctions (Tank, Warrior, Mage, etc) you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of a handful of 'mains' so you can swap in and out of them in the pre-match lobby to ensure your team isn’t lopsided when you head into battle.

    Because make no mistake, this is a team-based experience all the way. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with AoV Account, you possibly can email us on our own page. If you don’t learn to understand (and use) on-screen messages - such as the ability to leave markers on the map to rally your team or point out an enemy push - you’ll die quickly, and often.