Introduction Of Waterproof Resin Coating

  • Waterproof Resin Coatings, that is, waterproof coatings can be divided into emulsion type, solvent type, reactive type and modified asphalt according to the state and form of the coating.

    The first type of solvent-based coatings: There are many types of these types of coatings, the quality is good, but the cost is high, the safety is poor, and the use is not very common.

    The second type is water-emulsion and reactive polymer coatings: it is difficult for this type of coating to disperse various reinforcing agents, fillers, and polymer elastomers uniformly in the colloid. It can only be added by grinding With a small amount of compounding agents, reactive polyurethane is a two-component, easy to deteriorate and high cost.

    The third type of plastic modified asphalt: This type of product can resist ultraviolet rays and has good high temperature resistance, but the fracture elongation is slightly poor.