How to Clean Mould From Children Toy Mould?


    I can’t say that I ever thought that mould on Children Toy mould would be a significant problem in my life. But it is. Gross green-grey mould has taken up residence in every one of my daughter’s squeezy bath toys and even the nooks and crannies of solid, plastic Mr Whale have not escaped the mould invasion.

    I know that it isn’t good for my daughter to ingest mould flambé every bath time and I have come to the point where I either have to find a way to remove the mould or have a bath toy funeral and throw frog, fish and whale overboard.


    2 cups apple cider vinegar (can substitute white vinegar if needed)

    5L warm water (filtered is best)

    2 foaming denture cleansing tablets


    1. Mix vinegar and water in plastic bucket.

    2. Add toys.

    3. Weight down floating toys if possible.

    4. Soak toys overnight.

    5. After toys have soaked, scrub with a bristle cleaning brush.

    6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

    7. If the vinegar soak does not remove all the mould, continue with the next step.

    8. Put the toys in a bucket and cover with warm water.

    9. Add denture tablets and soak overnight

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