We are also fully capable of developing customized Bucket Mould

  •   We provide a wide range of Bucket Mould designs. They are specially designed for injection-molded barrels suitable for the food and non-food industries.

      In terms of size, we can design a Bucket Mould small enough for a 1-gallon plastic bucket or large enough for a 5-gallon plastic bucket. We are also fully capable of developing customized Bucket Moulds of other sizes in this range.

      On the other hand, our shape options include oval, square, rectangular, and round plastic buckets. In addition, our design team can combine other functions, including plastic buckets with lids and IML (in-mold labeling) buckets.

      High-quality materials for plastic buckets

      We pride ourselves on being a reliable manufacturer of plastic drums using high-quality input. Our plastic bucket structure is made of materials such as HDPE, LDPE, or ABS to ensure durability and stability. The handle and lid of the barrel are injections molded of PP and PE plastics that are easy to mold.

      All our thermoplastic materials come from carefully vetted suppliers. Our list of options is very extensive, but if you prefer alternative customized materials, we can purchase them for you at any time. You can also rest assured that because our employees are experienced in handling different types of plastics, the barrel injection molding process will proceed smoothly.

      Drawer Mould is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.