Stool Mould accessories


      Shine is a high-quality Stool Mould manufacturer in China. We provide wholesale plastic stools and different styles of Stool Mould. Our services include prototyping, processing, sampling, trial operation, mass production, and assembly.

      For the production of Stool Mould, we often give you this advice:

      Core and cavity steel: According to the customer's budget and productivity requirements, we recommend the following steel grades: Pre-hardened steel: P20 (1.2311), P20+Ni... etc. Harfen steel: H13 (1.2344) / NAK80... etc. Stainless steel: ASSAB Stavax...etc

      Formwork steel: According to the customer's budget and requirements, we recommend different formwork steels to customers. Common materials S50C or P20

      Cavity and core hardness: pre-hardened steel: HRC 30~32+-1* heat-treated steel: HRC 50~52+-1*

      Core pulling or demoulding system: Depends on the product. Commonly used: motor, cylinder, stripper, angel pin, ejector pin, etc.

      Stool Mould accessories: Compatible with DME/HASCO standards.

      Cooling system: inside the core: baffle or bypass cooling; inside the cavity plate: chain drill cooling

      Surface treatment: According to product requirements, normal use: texture, EDM, polishing

      The life of Stool Mould: reach the mold steel grade, under ideal operating conditions, 1. pre-hardened steel, minutes. 20~300,000 times 2. Quenched/heat-treated steel: 60~800,000 times. 3. Stainless steel: 1 million times.

      Runner: 1. Cold runner 2. Hot runner 3. Cold runner + hot runner

      Delivery time: 80~90 days, T1 samples are provided

      Packing: standard wooden box

      Production: We can also provide trial run production and molding production

      Package Mould is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.