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      Since the manufacturing of injection molds requires high processing accuracy and the production and processing technology is relatively complicated, the processing and production costs of general plastic injection molds are relatively high. Injection mold makers all hope that the mold will last longer. Therefore, the use and maintenance of Automotive mold are more demanding in order to maintain the working accuracy and prolong the service life. Whether the selection of automotive mold materials is reasonable is also an important condition for prolonging the service life of the mold.

      The materials selected for the Automotive mold must meet the following requirements:

      1. Injection mold steel must have good processing properties so that the deformation is small when working in a high-temperature environment and heat treatment.

      2. The working surface of the melt runner in the mold cavity should handle the low negative force of the material flow. In this way, the surface roughness of the working surface should be reduced, the steel should have good polishing performance, and there should be no impurities and pores in the material.

      3. Excellent wear resistance. In order to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the mold structure for a long time, it is very necessary to require the working surface of the mold to be wear-resistant. Especially when the glass fiber hard filler is contained in the raw material of the processed molded product, it is very easy to accelerate the wear of the working surface of the mold. For such a mold, it must have sufficient hardness and wear resistance.

      4. Steel has good corrosion resistance. In the plastic melt molding production process, plastic raw materials and some auxiliary materials must be in contact with the steel, which has a certain chemical corrosion effect on the steel. In order to maintain good corrosion resistance of the mold, corrosion-resistant alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel must be selected, and the surface should be chrome-plated or nickel-plated if necessary.

      5. The steel should have sufficient working strength. The selected steel should not only have a certain hardness after surface heat treatment but also have sufficient core strength. Since the injection mold has to withstand a lot of injection pressure and clamping force, the core strength of the steel used in the injection mold must be considered.

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