With the development of the market economy, the production of t

  •   With the development of the market economy, the production of the automobile industry is getting faster and faster. Nowadays, the rapid development of the automobile industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for automobile lighting fixtures.

      The quality of automotive lighting fixtures is very important to automobiles. For example, the appearance must be integrated with the appearance of the entire vehicle, be beautiful, easy to use, and meet the requirements of fluid mechanics. Therefore, the technical design of automobile lights is also accompanied by the development trend of the automobile industry.

      Material and process characteristics of Automotive mold

      Automobile lamps generally consist of a base and a lampshade. The base is usually made of thermosetting plastic material BMC, while the lampshade can be produced and processed with materials such as PMMA, PP, ABS, etc., generally in two or three colors. In the processing technology level of the injection mold of the two-color car lamp, special attention should be paid to the two-color injection. The center distance of the two screws should be relatively consistent with the center distance of the two-color mold. It should also be noted that, when molding automobile lamp injection molds, multi-color injection molding requires two basic compatibility conditions, namely, adhesion compatibility and processing compatibility.

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