Design principle of inclined roof

  •   Design principle of inclined roof

      (1) The mating length of the inclined top connecting rod and the guide sleeve must be greater than 2/3 of the connecting rod length in the B plate;

      (2) The inclined top block and the connecting rod are best fixed with cup-head screws for easy processing; secondly, use pins; thirdly, it can be in the form of press blocks;

      (3) The edge of the screw hole on the top block is at least 5mm away from the sealing position;

      (4) The hole between the connecting rod and the B plate is 0.5mm on one side;

      (5) The head and tail of the connecting rod should be considered when positioning; the bottom plate should have craft holes for easy disassembly and assembly;

      (6) The ejection angle of the inclined top should be below 12° and not more than 15°;

      (7) Know how to calculate the ejection stroke of up and down slopes;

      (8) If there is no requirement for an inclined top seat, the Automotive mould should adopt the simplest design.

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