Specialize in manufacturing various Package Moulds, such as con

  •   Xuan Han is an experienced mold manufacturer in China, specializing in manufacturing various Package Moulds, such as containers. Usually, after the mold is processed and the mold is assembled, we will conduct a T0 plastic container mold test to find out the defects of the mold and modify the mold accordingly.

      The picture below is a picture of our mold sample test. The mold is a four-cavity 3-liter Pitcher Mould. Usually, this kind of mold sample test includes four parts: thickness, weight, function, and surface.

      Thickness inspection is to tests the thickness of the container wall of different parts to ensure that the results are similar or different. Under normal circumstances, we control the thickness tolerance within 5% of the standard thickness.

      The second is the test weight, which is closely related to the production cost.

      Testing the sample function is a very important process. First, we can assemble the cover and handle to test whether they can be installed well. Under normal circumstances, the container is waterproof, so we turn the container upside down for at least one day, and then drop it from a height of 1 meter to see if there is any water leakage.

      The last part is surface inspection. We only need to check if there are any traces or burrs on the container, if there are, we will find out the reason and improve the Pitcher Mould accordingly. For example, the picture below has some scratches on a sample, which are left by the mold tool, and we will polish the surface again.

      The pitcher Mould test is an important process of inspecting molds. We have very professional engineers to conduct tests and ensure that we provide customers with mold quality

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