The Gate Is Usually A Tapered Circular Channel Through Which Th

  •   Basket Mould

      If the Basket Mould mold is divided into two main parts or halves on either side of the mold dividing line, the mold is called a two-plate injection mold. A 2-cavity mold will produce two plastic baskets in each injection or cycle, it is a two-compression mold. Each cavity is filled by a feed system and feed system.

      The gate is usually a tapered circular channel through which the material flows after leaving the nozzle of the injection molding machine; in the case of a multi-mold casting mold, the cavity is connected to the gate through a runner, and these runners are cut into One or two mold halves, their function is to fill each mold cavity as efficiently as possible.

      There is usually a narrow restriction in the runner system between the runner and the cavity. This restriction (the position where the material enters the cavity) is called a gate. (Because the gate size is much smaller than the runner, it is easy to separate the plastic basket molding from the feeding system when needed.)

      During the molding process, the plastic material is forced to pass through the runner, into the runner system, and from there into the runner system. Cavity. The plastic basket is formed between the opposing core and cavity, and the surface finish on the component is determined by the surface finish on the two mold parts.

      The half of the mold that moves with the jig is called the half of the moving mold, and measures are usually taken to ensure that the molded product remains in that half of the mold. This is because the molding ejection system is associated with the movable mold half for reasons of cost, convenience, etc. By using so-called "topping pullers", the plastic basket moldings are held together with the moving mold halves. Because this gate puller has a concave shape, when the mold is opened, it will move away from the sprue bushing or pull out the sprue. At the end of the mold opening stroke of the plastic basket or during the mold opening process, the ejection system is activated, which will remove the mold and its related runner system from the mold. The recess next to the gate contains the pouring pull pin, which is also called the "cold bullet hole". Its function is to accept the temperature of the first part of the projectile, that is, the part of the projectile located at the tip of the nozzle, so it may be very cold.

      In order to ensure the consistency and uniformity of plastic basket production, for example, the temperature of the plastic basket mold is controlled by circulating water through cooling channels (for thermoplastics) or by means of resistive elements (for thermosetting plastics).

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