Do You Want To Use Recycled Plastic Materials For One-time Mold

  •   Shine Mould is a leading mold manufacturer in China. We have developed more than 2,000 sets of various crate molds, such as bottle crate molds, fish crate molds, fruit crate molds, bread crate molds... Completed 2 and 4 cavities crate molds and 4 cavities stack molds. This is the first four-cavity crate stacking mold in China. It is suitable for high-speed injection, and the speed can reach 42s. It can be said that we are the world's top crate mold manufacturer.

      Our question is:

      Do you need Crate Mould with high production performance?

      In the 4-side foldable core cola bottle packaging box mold, do you have any problems with the automatic eject function?

      Are you trying to use a 4-cavity crate mold with a size of 400x300x150mm and a cycle time of 32 seconds?

      Do you want to use recycled plastic materials for one-time molding and crate molding?

      Do you need a folding Crate Mould with a stacking mold design?

      If you need to solve and clarify all these problems, please come to SinoMould to seek Crate Mould and Dustbin Mould molding solutions!