Can't Find A Solution Without Understanding The Problem

  •   No solution can be found without understanding the problem. As far as furniture design is concerned, "problems" may be social challenges, such as developing flexible furniture suitable for multiple private or commercial fields, while technical challenges are technical challenges such as developing products that are scalable and better than those on the market.

      Balancing specifications and creativity is the key to product design. Before starting research and conceptual design, always keep in mind the target audience, proper use, cost efficiency, and feasibility.

      Let us consider a practical example: we need to design and make a small armchair for a hotel. The armchair made by Armchair Mould will be placed in a four-star hotel room next to the breakfast table. The armchair must be easy to move and have a smooth shape to elicit a positive reaction and welcome guests when entering the hotel room. We want to use a modern armchair made of polyurethane foam, preferably a non-removable cover made of artificial leather. The Basket Mould armchair must be fireproof.

      After sharing the design brief, the designer will study the market and needs to find similar products or to ensure that there are no similar products. He also considered how to improve the appearance or ergonomics of existing furniture, and how new furniture can be successful.

      Going back to our example, a small armchair used in a hotel, the research may start by finding the closest alternative, and comparing the height of the backrest, the width of the seat, and the upholstery to realize a new product with all the elements enhanced. As an armchair for breakfast or reading, the size and form are between the desk chair and the leisure armchair. In addition, the concept also considers basic constraints, manufacturing complexity, and product life cycle.

      The goal of the research is to make drawings with dimensions and choose the material/finish that is most similar to the final result. Once the freehand sketch is converted into a model, it will be adjusted.