The key to high-standard Stool Mould is to use a collaborative

  •   Manufacturing of Chair Mould, Stool Mould, Dining Table Mould

      The furniture industry is highly competitive and the products sell well. In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of consumers, manufacturers must choose molds with the best cooling system, use slider ejection systems and precision exhaust molds to shorten cycle time.

      shinemold has expertise in developing molds that can be used for Mono single chairs with or without armrests, adult chairs, and baby chairs with interchangeable inserts (backrest design), round table molds, rectangular tables molds, square table molds, baby Table molds, stool molds, rack molds. mold.

      We believe that product design should be analyzed in detail to help manufacturers obtain feasible costs in plastic molding, increase production speed, avoid mold repair costs and modifications, and ensure the quality of the design to ensure long-term sales of the product. Final product. We recommend that product manufacturers choose P20 steel, 2316, or 2738 steel to produce plastic furniture. Mold flow analysis and achieving steel hardness are very important for the service life of the mold. The chair and table molds are large molds that also need to be polished and chrome plated well.

      The key to high-standard furniture molds is to use a collaborative approach to achieve good mold design, which in turn helps reduce maintenance and therefore increases mold life.

      In furniture molds, spare parts may be damaged due to the continuous opening and closing of the mold, so it is very important to use high-quality accessories. Similarly, with a good hardening mold, you will be able to avoid flash on the ends and sides of the product and avoid any kind of maintenance. The hardness of the chair and table mold is between 38 and 40HRC. Perform a comprehensive inspection of the mold to ensure that the structural spare parts are standardized as required. Strictly inspected project managers and quality control personnel to ensure product quality. If errors are found, they can be corrected in time. All aspects of mold standardization, including the cooling system, hydraulic oil channel system, and hot runner system, have been thoroughly inspected.