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  • Plastic Bucket Mould manufacturers can provide you with bucket molds, paint bucket molds, household trash can molds, industrial trash can molds, etc.

    The plastic bucket is usually made of PE or PP, and the gate is usually a hot runner. It is more cost-effective to use 2738 or 718 for plastic barrel-shaped steel, and its hardness can reach HRC35-38. Plastic barrel molds have certain requirements for injection molding machines, mainly

    1. The mold movement stroke must be considered, which should not be less than twice the height of the barrel;
    2. The thickness of the mold must not exceed the maximum mold thickness of the machine.

    For plastic bucket molds, robots can be used to pick up parts, thereby saving labor costs.

    For the trash can mould, the steel is usually P20 and the hardness is HRC29-30. Trash can moulds are usually single cavity. Some trash cans have narrow bottoms and high heights. This kind of trash can is easily eccentric in the production process, and the core can take the form of an inlay. The material of the trash can is usually PP.

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