Excellent Supplier Of Plastic Drawer Mould

  • There are many types of plastic molds, including Drawer Mould, extrusion molds, plastic compression molds and blister molds. The most common is injection molds. Plastic molds are the most commonly used molds in the production of thermoplastic products. The processing equipment corresponding to this plastic mold is an injection molding machine. First, the plastic is heated and melted in a heating cylinder at the bottom of the injection molding machine. Then use the screw or plunger of the injection molding machine to drive. It enters the cavity through the injection molding machine nozzle and the gating system of the mold. Finally, the plastic is cooled and hardened, and the product is obtained by demolding. Injection molding has the highest efficiency and the most widely used products. Injection molds account for more than 95% of the entire plastic mold.

    As a famous plastic mold manufacturer in China, our products cover industries ranging from daily necessities to various complex electrical appliances and auto parts. SHINE MOULD is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds and plastic products, mainly producing automobile molds, household molds, pallet molds, Bucket Mould, and plastic molds. SHINE MOULD is good at designing, developing, and manufacturing plastic injection molds. Plastic molds are distinguished between soft molds and hard molds. Generally, mold steel with a hardness lower than 44HRC is used as a soft mold. The die steel of the hard die needs to be heat treated, which also increases the service life of the die, so the manufacturing cost is high. More than 80% of foreign mold steel output is vacuum refining and electroslag remelting. The purity and isotropy of steel are very high.