About Injection Molded Plastic Bucket Mould

  • SHINE MOULD specializes in producing various types of injection plastic Bucket Mould. We have entered the mold industry for many years.

    Product range: plastic bucket mold, plastic food bucket mold for injection molding machine, 5L paint bucket mold manufacturer, Chinese bucket handle mold supplier, thin-wall bucket mold, 10-gallon bucket handle mold.

    Paint bucket mold processing technology: paint bucket mold drawing confirmation-design department to re-check the mold drawing-steel order-mold bottom mold processing-paint bucket mold cavity and core processing-EMD processing-spare parts preparation inspection-installation and assembly-mold try out.

    What we can provide to customers is:

    Mould base: The bucket mould usually uses 45#, 45# steel pre-hardened and then 30Hrc. Cooling system: Improve the cooling channel, increase the production efficiency of the bucket mold, and reduce the cost of the bucket mold in the production process.

    Treatment of spray paint bucket mould: quenching and tempering to increase the hardness of steel. Nitriding of the paint bucket mold can help the mold cool faster, with less deformation, and maintain high hardness and wear resistance of the mold surface.

    Preparation for mold transportation: mold legs, lock blocks, cooling joints provided by customers. Anti-rust agent should be sprayed before packaging.

    We have rich experience in the manufacture of paint bucket molds and Drawer Mould, and can help customers modify the appearance of the bucket. We can design 2D and 3D barrel molds for customers. Make high-quality bucket molds for customers.